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Cosmetic Dental Bonding Keene

Have you looked in the mirror lately and wondered what options you had to cover that one chipped, stained, or gapped tooth? At Keene Dentistry and Implants we offer a variety of cosmetic options for every budget and smile. Dental Bonding in Keene, NH is one great example. With composite bonding, you can quickly enhance your smile in a comfortable, non-invasive manner.

Dental bonding in Keene, New Hampshire is extremely versatile and may be a great solution to those small but bothersome dental issues that you see in the mirror.

What Is Dental Bonding?

Composite dental bonding in Keene is an easy but effective way of masking minor aesthetic issues on specific teeth. Tooth colored composite resin is added to the tooth to restore a more symmetrical, consistent appearance. The resin comes in a variety of shades, so Dr. Syed can choose the color that best suits your enamel. Once it is color matched to the rest of your teeth, we shape the material over your tooth to recreate the surface in that space. Then we cure it with a light to harden the material in place. In most cases, no numbing is required.

What Is Dental Bonding Used For?

Dental bonding, or composite bonding, offers an affordable and quick solution to slightly chipped, worn, gapped, stained, or damaged teeth. If your teeth are stained and cannot be corrected with whitening, a thin layer of composite can quickly have them looking refreshed and renewed. Bonding is excellent for restoring appropriate symmetry and color to out-of-place teeth.

A Comfortable Same-Day Treatment

If you have one tooth that attracts too much attention because of the way it looks compared to its neighboring teeth, dental bonding might be right for you. Reserve an exam with our Keene cosmetic dentist to find out if you qualify for composite bonding.

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