Dental Crowns Keene, NH

When your tooth has a large area of decay, is worn down, or has undergone root canal treatment, it usually needs to be reinforced with a dental crown. Dental crowns (sometimes called “caps”) in Keene, NH are the best solution for a tooth that is structurally weak, broken, or worn. Keene Dentistry and Implants offers custom ceramic dental crowns in Keene, New Hampshire for when a tooth needs more than just a small filling.

A dental crown is a porcelain or ceramic cover that is custom made for your specific tooth. During treatment, your tooth will be slightly reshaped and impressions taken of the prepared tooth. Then we will use a special shade guide to color match the new restoration to your other teeth and send the information to our lab. The crown will be custom made by hand and then sent back for Dr. Syed to bond it in place about two weeks later.

Benefits of A Dental Crown

Dental crowns in Keene provide the strength needed when your natural tooth is no longer able to withstand the force of normal daily use. Normally we recommend crowns for teeth that are too structurally compromised for a smaller filling. Investing in a crown will preserve normal oral function without sacrificing the way your smile looks. Dental crowns are aesthetically pleasing as well as strong. It’s easy to care for them with normal brushing and flossing, allowing your restoration to last several years.

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