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There’s no need to walk around feeling self-conscious because of a missing tooth. At Keene Dentistry and Implants, we provide complete dental implant treatment in Keene, NH to restore your oral function, health, and confidence.

Dental implants in Keene, New Hampshire have changed the way people are able to tackle the concerns of missing teeth. Dr. Syed has over ten years of experience placing dental implants, allowing us to provide full-service implant therapy at our office in Keene. Our skilled and knowledgeable team will anticipate your needs throughout your treatment and beyond.

Why Get Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the only restoration that looks, feels, and functions like natural teeth. Dental implants are made from a bio-compatible titanium post that is inserted into the bone, next to your other tooth roots. The post encourages healthy bone to grow around the implant, which then gives it a very strong foundation to support a fixed restoration on top of it (such as a crown, bridge, or full-arch hybrid appliance.) The visible portion on top of your dental implant is custom made to match the look, feel, width, and color of your natural teeth.

Properly cared for, a dental implant can last a lifetime. And they’re strong enough to eat all of your favorite foods.

Types Of Implant Treatment

The most common dental implants we provide are single tooth implants, which are used to replace an individual tooth and topped off with a porcelain crown. Implant bridges are another option, restoring three or four teeth in a row with a single pair of implants. With a full arch option, which use 4-6 implants to anchor a streamlined, fixed appliance across your entire upper or lower arch of teeth. You can specify exactly how you’d like it to look.

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