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Endodontic Therapy (Root Canal Treatment)

Abscessed or dying teeth may not always present themselves as a toothache. At Keene Dentistry and Implants, Dr. Syed knows the signs to look for when a tooth may need more complex care. Gentle endodontic treatment (root canal therapy) is often one of the last restorative options available to preserve teeth with compromised nerve tissues. We offer safe root canal therapy in our office to help you avoid losing the tooth altogether.

What is A Root Canal?

A root canal in Keene, NH is required whenever there is a serious infection inside the nerve of a tooth. At times the infection can cause pain or swelling and a small blister may appear on the gums next to that tooth. Endodontic treatment can also be used to treat a tooth where the nerves are compromised and the tooth is beginning to die. Dr. Syed in Keene, New Hampshire will evaluate the tooth by taking a small X-ray of the root surfaces to screen for internal tooth damage or abscessing.

During root canal treatment in Keene, small instruments are used to clean out the canals of the infected tooth and remove the nerve tissues. Doing so both eliminates the source of infection and alleviates any pain caused by the abscess.

Then, a filling material is placed inside the canals of the tooth, similar to getting a dental filling. This seals off the canals to prevent reinfection. A crown is usually recommended after root canal treatment to protect the tooth from any breakage in the non-living tooth structure.

Gentle Root Canal Dentist in Keene

Over the past decade, Dr. Syed has performed numerous root canal treatments and will take the time and care needed to provide you with a gentle experience. Endodontic therapy will eliminate tooth pain and prevent the need for extracting your natural tooth.

Are you in pain? Is your tooth turning colors or showing symptoms of an abscess? Contact our office to schedule an appointment with our endodontist today.

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