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    At Keene Dentistry & Implants, our practice is equipped with advanced
    technological machines to provide our patients the ease and hassle free experience of undergoing dental x-rays. We offer two main types of x-rays; intraoral and extraoral x-rays.

    Intraoral x-rays place the x-ray film inside the mouth while extraoral x-rays
    consist of having the film being placed outside the mouth. Extraoral x-rays are used to determine both the growth and development of the teeth, bones and jaw. We also use intra-oral photographs so you can see tooth structure and problem areas as discussed with the Doctor and Hygienist.

    Within our practice, intraoral x-rays are more commonly performed since they
    provide a higher level of detail to determine various aspects of the teeth such as; any cavities, tooth roots, bone or tissue health surrounding the tooth and the status of any developing teeth. In addition, bite-wing x-rays allows for us to determine any decay between the upper and lower molars. Bite-wing x-rays require the patient to bite down on a wing shaped device that holds the film in place while the x-ray is being taken.

    Panoramic x-rays are also taken at our practice and comprises of showing
    both the upper and lower jaw of the entire mouth in one x-ray allowing dentists to determine the full structure and positioning of the teeth in the mouth.

    We are also equipped with Cone-beam computed tomography (CT) which
    provides a three-dimensional image of the tooth. The beam comprises of a cone-shaped beam hence its name and utilizes less radiation than a standard dental x-ray. Keene Dentistry & Implants utilize the cone-beam CT for dental implant selection and placement.