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    At Keene Dentistry & Implants, we offer a full-arch restoration to patients who are missing some or all of their teeth to restore many of their teeth at once with the help pf dental implants. Dentists at Keene Dentistry & Implants are highly skilled in performing a full-arch restoration and utilize only four dental implants as the base for a permanent denture. This denture is then attached to the implants allowing our patients to have improved functionality and an esthetically pleasing smile.

    Benefits of undergoing a Full-arch Restoration at Keene Dentistry & Implants

    Unlike traditional dentures and bridges that are removable, a full-arch restoration is permanent a long lasting. Some of the benefits of a full-arch restoration include the following;

    • Technological developments at Keene Dentistry & Implants have established durable dental treatments with our practicing dentists utilizing techniques that preserve natural tooth structure and coloring reliant on patient needs.
    • Full oral function is restored enabling patients to eat the foods they desire without having their dentures slip or fall out of place.
    • Full-arch restoration dentures do not require maintenance and care as do the traditional dentures or bridges. However it is essential to maintain oral hygiene and we advise patients to brush and floss their teeth daily to ensure continued dental health.
    • Preserves both jaw bone health and strength where in traditional dentures the jaw bone loses its stimulation to remain healthy.

    Full-Arch Restoration Procedure at Keene Dentistry & Implants

    At Keene Dentistry & Implants we perform a full-arch restoration procedure in just one surgical appointment. Patients are first required to visit the oral surgeon for a consultation where the surgeon will examine the mouth and teeth of the patient as well as have the patient undergo a health history and take any necessary dental x-rays or scans. Having determined and tailored a treatment plan that best suits the patient; the patient is sent home with information regarding the potential benefits and drawbacks of a full-arch restoration.
    During the day of surgery, patients are administered the type of anesthesia previously discussed with their oral surgeon dependent on their condition. Subsequently, the surgeon will remove any remaining teeth within the jaw before placing the four dental implants into the jaw. Patients who also require tooth extractions can often have their teeth extracted the same day of a full-arch restoration. After the placement of the implants, the oral surgeon will stitch up the gums and attach temporary dentures allowing the patient to utilize their new teeth as soon as possible. Following this, over the course of a few months, the surgical site will be healed and the implants will integrate into the jaw, allowing the dentist to attach a permanent denture to the implants. We offer patients a chance to enjoy their new smile, and teeth as soon as they leave our dental practice.