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    At Keene Dentistry & Implants, we offer our patients dental procedures using laser technology as an effective alternative to the traditional dental procedures that can sometimes cause patients to suffer from high levels of anxiety and distress. We offer periodontal soft tissue laser treatment that utilizes energy beams to treat decayed or damaged areas resulting in overall patient satisfaction.
    Soft tissue lasers are highly effective in treating periodontal (gum) disease. Periodontal disease is simply inflammation of the gums which develops from bacteria surrounding the mouth. Developing some form of periodontal disease is highly common amongst adults in the United States with failure to treat periodontal disease causing serious underlying health concerns. Using our soft tissue laser treatment, we provide an improved patient experience with less bleeding involved and more comfortable results where patients may not even require stitches after treatment. At Keene Dentistry & Implants we offer soft tissue management for periodontal treatment alongside a perio scaling and root planing which is followed up with a soft tissue laser secular treatment to reduce pocket depth and minimize bacterial load.
    In addition to periodontal soft tissue laser treatment, we also utilize laser dentistry for gingival contouring, the removal of excess tissue or upon preparation for a crown or veneer placement.


    Dentists at Keene Dentistry & Implants provide our patients with the latest technology that dentistry has to offer to treat any type of soft tissue dental concerns. Laser dentistry at our dental practice offers a number of benefits over traditional dental procedures, these include;

    • Pain or discomfort is significantly minimized
    • Preserving healthy tooth and protecting the tissue structure is possible due to the conservative nature of laser treatment allowing patients to benefit from a natural smile
    • Bleeding and swelling after laser treatment is reduced significantly with downtime healing process
    • Treatment with laser dentistry requires less time spent going back and forth for dental appointments and follow-ups as traditional dental procedures require.