Teeth Whitening Keene, NH

That is why at Keene Dentistry and Implants we offer teeth whitening services to our patients in Keene, NH and surrounding area. Our professional teeth whitening treatments give you the opportunity to refine your smile in a safe, easy and affordable manner.

When you whiten your teeth, they naturally look healthier and younger, providing your smile with the perfect pick-me-up.

Why Whiten With a Cosmetic Dentist ?

In order to get the best results from teeth whitening, professional methods offer faster, stronger results than anything you’ll find in stores. Over the counter whitening kits may help some, but they are not as effective, and without proper use, can leave you with uneven or painful results.

When you have your teeth whitened with our Keene cosmetic dentist, you can feel confident about the best results in the least amount of time. In fact, we will want to screen your teeth beforehand to make sure you qualify for whitening (as there are some situations where it could be harmful to apply bleaching agents to your teeth.)

Teeth whitening in Keene, New Hampshire can remove 7-8 shades or more from your current tooth color. In fact, we recommend whitening your teeth prior to other aesthetic treatments, to ensure those cosmetic restorations match your surrounding smile. Whitening may be the only cosmetic treatment your smile needs at all.

Give Your Smile a Lift

Years of coffee, medications, or tobacco use can have an effect on the color of your teeth. Even foods like tomato sauces or berries can stain your enamel. Giving your smile a boost with professional teeth whitening treatment may be just the thing you need to help your smile look its best. Whitening is safe for older teens and adults of all ages who have healthy teeth and gums.

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